Anne Fall Quotes | Rosa Scriptum Poetry

Rosa Scriptum by Anne Fall

Anne Fall is the author of Rosa Scriptum, her first volume of poetry.  She has been featured by Fallon Publications, LLC and Virginia Poets.  A sampling of her poetry quotes on love, heartbreak, romance and more can be found below.

The stark nude trees
are old and surviving
without attempting modesty.

Anne Fall | Winter Clothes Line | Rosa Scriptum

He danced closely but never touched.
The air between them crackling and sparkling like an electrical fire
that must be contained quickly
or it will take everything.

Anne Fall | The Lounge | Rosa Scriptum

I dreamt of land but that was so long ago.
I don't even know if he still exists.

Anne Fall | Ring Around | Rosa Scriptum

Wintering over geraniums
with their pale green gingko leaves─
they have not died, and neither has she,
but the blooms are gone,
and every part of her longs
for red.

Anne Fall | January 2013 | Rosa Scriptum

The lake was clear and blank as a sheet of paper─
water barren, no movement underneath, an unnatural stillness,
a watery illness.

He came as the wind.

Anne Fall | Sherando | Rosa Scriptum

Carry with you the autumn leaves,
the setting sun that burned the treetops,
the still-warm stones of twilight.

I'll bring the night.

Anne Fall | Seasonal | Rosa Scriptum

To reach the spirit world
To be free of these promises

I would find you, and we would laugh
at the old ways we tried to love.

Anne Fall | Flammability | Rosa Scriptum

So, I show my uncovered scars
with a sense of pride.
Damn you and damn me.
If we cross swords, neither of us will survive.

Anne Fall | Embattled | Rosa Scriptum

Autumn is here and winter is coming.
Two guests I could do without.
I am afraid of them, these strangers
living outside my greenhouse.
They press against the glass, voyeurs,
these seasonal saboteurs.

Anne Fall | Cut Flowers | Rosa Scriptum

The babies, slippery and wrapped tightly,
they take them away before I can touch their faces.
I don't scream, politely.
My breasts immediately ache.

What I have created,
I believe is mine.

This is a lie,
but it happens every time.

Anne Fall | The Red Balloon | Rosa Scriptum

Something we wove between us,
each holding our side.
It was like making a bed,
sheets tucked, blankets snapped in the air.

We should have lied down, we should have stayed there.

Anne Fall | The Red Balloon | Rosa Scriptum


The word is my last and most beautiful gift.

Anne Fall | Permission | Rosa Scriptum

I am a weapon.
I am laughter taunting.
I have nothing to lose,
a woman judged and found wanting.

Anne Fall | The War Room | Rosa Scriptum 

I am self-contained, a woman unchained.
Has there ever been a creature more disdained?

Anne Fall | Self-Possessed | Rosa Scriptum

Is this a prayer or is this a spell?
An appeal to heaven or hell?
The distinction is a line I know well.

Anne Fall | Charmed | Rosa Scriptum

The petals are the texture of his lips.
    The color is mine.

Anne Fall | Pruning | Rosa Scriptum